How to Save Money While You’re in School

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College is the first step that a student has towards becoming independent from their parents. The biggest step in becoming independent is being able to financially support oneself. However, that can be very difficult on a low budget. This video show you some of my tips that I have to help save while you’re in school.

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More info on college savings below.

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bookworm12895 says:

my work study amount is limited? to the point that I can only earn 650 semester which I need to put toward my tuition. so I’ll likely have to get a job off campus :/

pumpkin2898 says:

Ramen Noodles are really fattening look at the sodium on the nutrition facts!

OffbeatBeautyCC says:

What is “Cookout?”

DiOnte Moore says:

your advice really helps?

Ashley Vallet says:

What do you mean by “go eat cookout”? Are? you talking about hotdogs and grill food that you make at the dorm?

abiapples1 says:

You seemed so rich! I’m impressed that? you’re on scholarship

Elizabeth Scarbrough says:

really enjoyed? this as a freshman in college thanks girl!

StephalliJane23 says:

Michael Kors!?

alemable13 says:

where did you? get your watch from?

StephalliJane23 says:

well that’s awesome that you’re thinking ahead!! Just do the best you can? in high school and go for as many scholarships as you can! :)

StephalliJane23 says:

aww yay? i’m glad! :)

StephalliJane23 says:

Sophomore! :) ?

Mzzgigles1425 says:

what year of college? are you going to?

ladyD Winchester says:

thx a bunch and keep up the good work :) ?

StephalliJane23 says:

awesome, i’m so glad I? could help you!!! Have a safe flight and I know you’ll do good in school :)

ladyD Winchester says:

i will be transferring at the end of this year to the US for my 3rd year of college, and your? series of college videos has been a great help for me regarding getting information and what to expect. thanks a bunch and loads of love from Sri Lanka…! :)

StephalliJane23 says:

my makeup collection has taken a backseat ever since I started school! I know, it’s terribly sad :( I feel like I haven’t bought an extraordinary amount of new makeup! Maybe when I get to my new dorm room and I have new system going, I’ll put something up :) ?

Vick Blob says:

Updated makeup collection!!? :) I loved your old one <3

StephalliJane23 says:

Sorry, I was a little slow getting those up, but they’re up now except for the spreadsheet because I haven’t figured it out yet!? :)

angela guagliano says:

there? are no links… or am i missing something?

StephalliJane23 says:

no problem, I’m so happy to? help :)

soalahwii says:

Thank you!? Awesome tips :)

StephalliJane23 says:

awesome, i’m glad? i could help :)

lovemileyandniley says:

this was so helpful,? I loved these tips! :)

StephalliJane23 says:

Exactly :) ?

StephalliJane23 says:

thank you so much, you’re so sweet! Its never too early to start preparing? for what’s to come later in life, and I’m glad I could help :)

katiebrookeee says:

i dont agree with kids? getting allowances in college at all! i work and handle a full time schedule..its not tht difficult and it teaches you responsibility

glamandmakeup109 says:

Steph, I really want to thank you on these tips, even tough I’m barely going to my junior year, I start thinking about college and how to? spend money and all those things. This really helps and hope you continue to do better on your college life! :)

StephalliJane23 says:

I’m glad I could help :) ?

StephalliJane23 says:

thanks? :)

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